Support your local community.

We need your help to continue to provide essential community services to people in crisis.

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Mary S. 3624 pobox 04212

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Want to volunteer?

We’ve had an incredible response so far, and are doing everything we can to respond to everyone who wants to volunteer in one of our community programmes.

Are you a business?

We are uniting our resources around this challenge, and we are combining our resources and asks to make it easy for people to support their communities.

Hear more from our community.

God working in mysterious ways

For sometime I didn’t write anything. My feelings, emotions is been up and down. I don’t know why. Usually I am always positive and optimistic. And when I feeling like this, worries sometimes get up. I think many are like that. Especially now with all that’s happening around everywhere. Still didn’t find a job, butContinue reading “God working in mysterious ways”


7 years ago I changed my food. Since I was little I was having problem with food. Started from milk I was allergic. My great greatma was giving me milk from cow and goat. I was drink that milk for 2 year’s, while every 3 months receiving mother blood. Children who have that problem beforeContinue reading “Journey”

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster

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